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The Emily Ann foundation is here to support terminal cancer patients over the age of 18, recently we were made aware of a Comox Valley Woman, Danita Daigle, who was in desperate need of some help. The Emily Ann Foundation quickly sprang into action to help our very first client. With an upcoming bottle drive, the Foundation committed to giving Danita 50% of our bottle drive fundraising total. Danita is struggling with everyday bills, she is unable to work and is at risk of losing her home. Danita is undergoing outpatient treatments and has a grave prognosis. With bills piling up and no one to turn to the Emily Ann Foundation stepped up.

We strongly believe that No One Should Be Alone, and while Danita has a lot of support from her family and friends they are not in a position to help financially. Danita is not alone with the Emily Ann Foundation on her side. With the support of the Comox Valley, we were able to raise $1700 in one day with a bottle drive. This supplies Danita with $850 that she can use to ensure that she will have all expenses for her upcoming surgery covered. This also allows her to have a friend stay in Victoria, so Danita will have the support of a loved one while she is there. The $850, will cover the accommodation, food, and travel and should have enough left over to pay a bill or two.

Danita's road is far from over and the Foundation has committed to helping Danita as much as we can to see her through this difficult time in her and her family's lives. Founder of the Foundation Shawn Wood was proud to hand over the check on May 28th, 2022 (as seen in the picture). "It means so much to me to be able to start helping our community after only being in operations for 2 months", Wood explained. "Providing these necessary funds to people who need it the most is exactly why I started the foundation", Wood continued. The Foundation has multiple fundraising events planned in the future and looks forward to continuing the journey to ensure that No One Should Be Alone.

To donate to the foundation or to Danita please send us a quick email or donate directly to Danita using the link below.

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