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About Our Team

The Emily Ann Foundation is a registered not-for-profit society in BC. We provide financial assistance to terminal cancer patients over the age of 18. We are the only charity in the world that is bridging this gap. We provide funding for:

  • Travel expenses for medical appointments (including accommodation)

  • Travel expenses for a loved one (to take you to medical appointments)

  • Accommodation for a loved one (to be close during the final days)

  • Final wishes (to give closure and a final experience)

Our team is made up of volunteers from all over Vancouver Island. Our youngest is 6 and our oldest being in their 80's. Our passion for helping others is obvious when you meet us. We love to talk about the foundation and hear your stories. We are here to supply a support network of love and compassion. We strive to make this world better by giving back to our communities. Want to join our team? We are always looking for new and great volunteers, shoot us a message and one of our volunteers will be in touch! 

Meet the Team

Our dedicated staff is always here to serve you and we would love to hear from you anytime.

This fantastic team has many years of experience and comes from all walks of life. Click on the pictures for more information on our directors.