Vice President 

Hello my Dear,

I go by Alyssa and I've been looking for someone like you! 

Someone trying to make a difference, someone wanting to dedicate their valuable time, someone with a big heart. Terminal Cancer is a very real monster these days, a monster that at times will stop at nothing to satisfy its hunger. Terminal Cancer makes the strongest weak, the outspoken invert, and the warmest of humans cold.  That's why here at The Emily Ann Foundation we have the initiative and drive to help those in need, to be the light one shall seek when their reality darkens.

As a first born and born into this community, I have first-hand experience in seeing the ugly side of Cancer. For several years I volunteered my time in the old St. Joseph's Hospital of the Comox Valley. Dedicating my time to the Ocean and Eagle View wings of the Residencial Care Unit. Seeing every day what it takes to help a human get through those last months of life. As my life grew, my knowledge grew and my interactions networked me into meeting beautiful souls wanting to do the same thing: Help those that are terminally ill and the issues surrounding them.

As the Event Coordinator / Head Coordinator of Volunteers, my mission on this side of the Foundation is to connect you amazing souls with the community and build strong connections of support. We take part in several different community events year round, some of the humans we help need a hand getting to and from places, others may just want to talk, reminisce on old times, or have loved ones that may need support, this and other projects, keep our Volunteers busy through out the year.

We are always looking for more humans to add to the team, Volunteers that know certain fields, Volunteers with so much love to give out, Volunteers wanting to make a difference, and truly Volunteers of any caliber are appreciated.

What you do today, could help someone tomorrow